Welcome to Idea Trek!

Idea Trek is a both a platform and a service that supports the development and intake of ideas - to quickly assess their potential, determine where they go next, and give the college and idea owners the supporting evidence to drive them forward. This site offers a transparent look at ideas already in process, and invites you to comment, collaborate, and make them better.

Why Idea Trek?

Colleges that can innovate from within are best positioned to respond to a changing context. Davidson College wants to encourage as many ideas as possible in order to make the 'Big Shifts' identified in our strategic framework. We are fortunate to be part of a community that is good at generating a lot of ideas, and the best ideas can come from anywhere. But, it is hard to know where to take ideas or how to move them forward. It is also difficult to see the range of resources and people involved in ideas and initiatives.

Idea Trek is the place to start. Any and all ideas are welcomed. Ideas that carry significant risk will proceed through the college's Incubator. Follow these links to learn more about Idea Trek and the Incubator.

Need help on an idea? Email us at innovation@davidson.edu to request an appointment.

Owen is a Computer Science Major graduating in May of 2021. He grew up in Boca Raton, Florida with his father, Chris, mother, Lisa, and younger brother, Oliver. While attending Saint Andrew's School for high school, he played lacrosse. Owen favorite hobby is fresh and saltwater fishing.

Iniko Kai Thornell is a junior psychology major and intended neuroscience minor. She is from Brooklyn, NY, where she lives with her parents and younger sister Oni. She is involved in STEM related programs on campus and also have a passion for creative writing and learning about various important social and political issues.

Jack Clary is a computer science major in the class of 2020. He is from East Grand Rapids, MI and is interested in finance, mathematics, and algorithms. Beginning in 2019, Jack began building a financial technology company that focuses on transparency and redefining what it means to be a financial planning firm in the modern age.

Sara Lin is from China and is an Economics and Psychology double major.

Dayton is a sophomore born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He is currently pursuing a PPE major and is generally interested in business and entrepreneurship. For fun, Dayton enjoys music, sports, and comedy.