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Davidson WildDogs

Many Davidson students are stressed out and missing their beloved pups from home. By and large Davidson students are not allowed to have dogs on campus and therefore flock to any dog wandering through campus. At the same time, many students at Davidson struggle with anxiety, depression, and other mental health concerns and animals have been shown to be effective in addressing these needs! While the hearts of Davidson ...more »


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Moving from a 5-course teaching load to a 2-2+ (Two-Two-Plus) teaching load

Full-time faculty at Davidson currently teach five courses per year, three courses in one semester and two in the other. The faculty and I are very interested in learning whether we can move to a co-called "two-two-plus" workload, in which faculty would teach two courses each semester and also contribute something else to teaching (the "plus.") The "plus" could be a specified number of independent study courses, supervision ...more »