We are looking for ideas that advance our mission and continue Davidson’s excellence in the context of a changing world. There are four focus areas for Year 1, while Davidson pilots the framework, hones the evaluating process, and increases community involvement and awareness. In subsequent years, focus areas may reflect a new set of challenges and/or opportunities. They are:

  • Enhancing the Student Experience,
  • Program & Process Improvements,
  • Future of the Liberal Arts, and
  • New Revenue.


Submitted by (@kgsmith)

Collaborative Flip: Developing shared flipped course content for Davidson and made available to other institutions

I must start out by crediting Barbara Lom for a discussion that led to this idea. This idea comes from the convergence of several features and challenges of teaching at Davidson: First, owing to our small class sizes, many of us teach the same courses. Second, many faculty are interested in maximizing high-quality, active learning in the classroom, but this often relies on high-quality preparation done by students outside ...more »


Submitted by (@weraymond)

Data Lab

Data Lab We are living in the age of data: big data, data mining, data analytics; data interpretation, data collection, data privacy – questions about data reach into nearly every aspect of our lives. Data Lab is an initiative aimed at ensuring that Davidson students and faculty are prepared to participate fully, compete successfully, and contribute productively to this new era by bringing new learning and research opportunities ...more »


Submitted by (@raclemmons)

Entrepreneurship Minor

Davidson is committed to preparing students for lives of leadership and service, and historically has nurtured alumni who now serve as leaders in social enterprises, the medical and law fields, politics, the church, and other important industries. Entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurial mindset is another form of leadership skills that students would benefit from, as they prepare for jobs in the mid-21st century. 2015 ...more »


Submitted by (@kahorowitz)

Pathway to Tenure Track

Davidson relies heavily on visiting professors to cover required and core courses and to do the work of program building. Sometimes electives developed by visitors are used to demonstrate student interest in a potential or new major in order to justify the need for a tenure line, for which the visitor is subsequently overlooked. Other times long-term visitors are tacitly called upon to do the same job as their tenured ...more »