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Over the next 4 years, the college aims to shift from...

  • ...traditional, established paths for student experiences -- to -- adaptable, student-centered experiences & processes
  • ...contained reputation and reach -- to -- global reputation, reach, & impact
  • ...conventional, siloed organization -- to -- adaptable, diverse, cross-functional & inclusive organization
  • ...self-contained -- to -- leverage connections & partnerships with schools & companies
  • ...Financial Aid too dependent on Annual Fund -- to -- socio-economic diversity is fiscally assured

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New Gym

I was wondering if there would be any possibility of davidson investing in a new gym facility? The gym in Union (and even new dorm too) is incredibly small and the machines are very outdated, and there are also some essential machines that are normally found in a gym that aren't even supplied. Often times, many people who are using mats overcrowd the floors and make it difficult to use various machines due to a lack of... more »


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