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Campus Delivery Services In Reserve

Campus delivery positions
My idea stems from being able to have Davis Cafe orders delivered on campus to tables/dorms/study spaces for a small fee. I would imagine it to be very popular, especially to disabled students, should it be on an easily accessible platform and be able to be charged to CatCard balances. This would be a good integration into the online ordering at Davis Cafe. A routing platform could be utilized... more »
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Rice Cooker in Commons

I was lucky enough to attend a boarding school during my high school experience. At times, the food got repetitive, but there were always staples that allowed students to make their own variations of plates. One of those staples was white rice. One of our stations during lunch and dinner was a large rice cooker that was open to students. For many students, rice had always been a staple; having it as an option for our... more »


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