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Do you have an idea that supports one of Davidson's big shifts,? Big or small, all ideas are welcome!

Over the next 4 years, the college aims to shift from...

  • ...traditional, established paths for student experiences -- to -- adaptable, student-centered experiences & processes
  • ...contained reputation and reach -- to -- global reputation, reach, & impact
  • ...conventional, siloed organization -- to -- adaptable, diverse, cross-functional & inclusive organization
  • ...self-contained -- to -- leverage connections & partnerships with schools & companies
  • ...Financial Aid too dependent on Annual Fund -- to -- socio-economic diversity is fiscally assured

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Idea Trek

Implement Mendix to unlock custom app development at Davidson

Over the course of the Fall 2019 semester, T&I's Digital Transformation team (Dx) researched, trialed, and experimented with dozens of so-called "low-code" platforms. In a nutshell, low-code platforms allow you to build custom forms and web applications without having to write very much "real" code, if any. By implementing a true low-code platform like Mendix, Davidson College can meet the growing need for efficient,... more »


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