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Do you have an idea that supports one of Davidson's big shifts,? Big or small, all ideas are welcome!

Over the next 4 years, the college aims to shift from...

  • ...traditional, established paths for student experiences -- to -- adaptable, student-centered experiences & processes
  • ...contained reputation and reach -- to -- global reputation, reach, & impact
  • ...conventional, siloed organization -- to -- adaptable, diverse, cross-functional & inclusive organization
  • ...self-contained -- to -- leverage connections & partnerships with schools & companies
  • ...Financial Aid too dependent on Annual Fund -- to -- socio-economic diversity is fiscally assured

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Idea Trek

Implement RFID tags in CatCards and replace readers

I propose replacing the magnetic stripe cards, which are the current version of the CatCard, with a RFID tagged CatCard. It would be more convenient to simply bring our CatCards into proximity with the reader as opposed to swiping. RFID tagged cards also work even when covered by something. Magnetic stripe cards also deteriorate faster due to the friction, scratches, dirt, or damage caused to the card by swiping which... more »


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