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Offer non-credit tech/ programming courses In Reserve

Submitted by Julie Goff

Offer non-credit course(s) or a series of workshops that teach basic computer programming skills. These would be optional for students and available at no additional charge on top of normal course load. Specifically designed to help all Davidson students (regardless of major or field they are looking to pursue) to skill up in basic programming/tech/coding skills (which are increasingly demanded... more »
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Idea Trek

Implement Mendix to unlock custom app development at Davidson

Over the course of the Fall 2019 semester, T&I's Digital Transformation team (Dx) researched, trialed, and experimented with dozens of so-called "low-code" platforms. In a nutshell, low-code platforms allow you to build custom forms and web applications without having to write very much "real" code, if any. By implementing a true low-code platform like Mendix, Davidson College can meet the growing need for efficient,... more »


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