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Wellness Package

Describe the idea or prototype you are proposing. What problem is it solving? :
Problem: Students need a centralized place to access a range of resources to support their health and wellness, particularly if our community will be remote or partially remote. Idea: Create a single website/resource that holds all the health and wellness resource options for students. These should be organized from individual-based to broader-based opportunities with a range of synchronous and asynchronous options that serve a wide variety of students. Here are some examples of the health and wellness options: \- Online counseling options/referrals/Access to dietician with clear contact information and options \- Mental Health Ambassador and Health Advisor Information and Services \- Support Groups – current planned offerings in 2020-21 per David Graham o Grief Support Group o Survivors Trauma Support Group o First-Year Experience Transition Support Group o Interpersonal Relationship Support Group o Women of Color Support Group o Koru Mindfulness Support Group \- Workshops/Seminars/PE classes on Health/Wellness Topics – current planned offerings in 2020-21 per David Graham o Stress Management Techniques o Emotional Regulation Skills o Overcoming Fear and Doubt o Distress Tolerance Skills o Procrastination/Avoidance \- Total Wellness Challenge – currently ongoing and planned for 2020-21 per Sandy Helfgott o Promotes a multi-dimensional approach to wellness o Increases awareness of the interconnectedness of each dimension and how they contribute to healthy living o Positive and affirming Potential Incentives to Encourage Participation \- Monetary prizes via raffle \- PE/Wellness Credit \- Wellness points Potential Additional Topics for Workshops/Seminars/Support Groups \- Managing Coronavirus Anxiety \- Managing Depression \- Ergonomics/Revamping Workspaces \- Social Wellness (how to build quality relationships in social distancing times) \- Increasing Self-Compassion \- Nutrition \- Exercise via social distancing


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