Countdown to Commencement '21

Sunset Week

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One of my favorite things to do with friends throughout my Davidson experience is watch Sunset at Lake Campus. Especially in the Spring, there is no better place to watch the spectacular sunsets that we all know and love. However, with the limited Lake Campus hours, it is not possible to participate in this activity. That being the case, I propose that one of the last few weeks that seniors are on campus is designated Sunset Week. Seniors would be able to sign up to attend Lake Campus and watch the sunset. The sign up would 1) allow participants to coordinate with friends, 2) allow organizers to limit numbers on each day, and 3) create a list with which organizers could check that only those who signed up were joining. This could be offered several days during the week, and as many seniors have their own transportation, they could transport themselves. Limited transportation opportunities could also be organized for those who do not have access to a safe way to travel to Lake Campus. Masks and social distancing would still be required, but this would be an outdoor, communal activity to mark the end of the semester.



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