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Student-Produced Audio/Video Content Selected

Describe the idea or prototype you are proposing. What problem is it solving? :

Problem: Outlets for student-produced content are easier to facilitate when in-person. Even in remote situations, students are still looking for opportunities to continue developing/creating projects that are academic and/or interest-based. Capabilities to host, promote, and collaborate on student content could help create a new sense of community.

Idea: Make currently existing resources (both human and technological) available for students/organizations to create their own content, which is then hosted and archived for the Davidson community to view/listen.

Two examples that we dreamed up:

WALT radio is an already existing set of resources around audio content that could be expanded or leveraged more broadly. Podcasts, rotating DJs, interviews, performances, and other imagined content could be concentrated here synchronously and asynchronously for the Davidson Community.

Video cooking content has already begun by individuals on campus (students and staff), but it's not centralized/promoted collectively. A "stream" of that same cooking content in a single Davidson-centric place, with the possibility for resources given to get new folks up and running, could help to create a greater sense of community and engagement. This would also promote healthier living.

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