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Senior Basketball Attendance

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The Davidson basketball season will always be a highlight in the jam-packed spring semester. Thankfully for the team, there have been minimal postponements thus far. They even travelled to Asheville and took on three opponents as a part of the Maui Invitational. Still, fan attendance, a crucial and boisterous part of the home games, has been missing entirely. Not only are community members and students disheartened to stop cheering on the Cats in-person, but the team's home record has suffered as well. In fact, they have already lost three games at home which is already more than they have dropped in a single season since the seniors arrived at Davidson. With our plan, basketball attendance could still be possible. But how would this work?

Since this would be the last time that the senior class can attend games as students, we decided that we would only include ourselves. For the sake of our numbers, we are going to say there are 500 seniors who would attend the basketball games. Without a doubt, this is an overestimation because some students will take the semester remotely and even more will opt out of going to the game for whatever reason. Also importantly, there are 5 home games when we return to school, spanning from January 30th to March 2nd. If we space out all of the seniors, then there would need to be around 100 seniors that attend each remaining home game. Fortunately, the majority of seniors have pre-made clusters of 4 or 5 people based on their apartments. For the sake of numbers again, we are going to use the number of 4. As a result, there would be 25 clusters of seniors for each home game. From our estimate, there are at least 20 sections in the Davison basketball arena. Some of these sections are significantly larger than others (like the higher bleachers) and could easily accommodate multiple groups of four horizontally while still vertically spreading out to provide well over 6 feet of space between our estimated groups of four. Practically every cluster would have an entire section to themselves. The only additional logistics would surround ticketing, cleaning, and traffic. Ticketing and cleaning are processes that had already been in place on an even larger scale. As for traffic, we would have senior groups who agree to attend the games commit to an end game exit plan. This would mean sections who are closest to the door exit first one after another until the farthest sections. Therefore, any risk of large groupings while exiting are eliminated entirely. This would not be a risk when entering the arena since when people enter it will be a single file line and students will be spaced out by six feet like any other function on campus.

We have not spoken to Chris Clunie about this idea yet, but we think he would be in favor as long as everyone would be safe. Safety is something we believe would be very achievable and it would provide a priceless second semester experience! For the scope of the idea, we made the choice to focus on the men's basketball team. If there is an opportunity to go to any of the women's games as well, our team, and most likely many other seniors, would be equally interested as well.



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