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Remote Teaching or Asynchronous Capture Studios On Campus Selected

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Problem: Some faculty may be unable to teach at home due to home environments, availability of quality internet service, or the need for large writing surfaces or discipline-specific equipment. To resolve this, several faculty continued to teach remotely from classrooms during Spring 2020, but not without technological and infrastructural challenges. In short, we have discovered that we cannot assume that faculty will always have appropriate remote teaching facilities at their personal disposal, which negatively affects their teaching and the student learning experience.

Idea: The college should invest in creating several remote/online teaching studios appropriate for a faculty member to teach synchronously or to record flipped classroom/asynchronous materials. These may be new spaces or upgraded classrooms and should be easy to use, provide access to all academic software and appropriate hardware for high quality audio and video, and provide options for hand-writing and drawing in a digital environment. Ultimately these spaces should reduce technical and psychic barriers to remote capture and instruction. Some spaces should take into account discipline-specific requirements (such as the arts, performance-based courses, and STEM classes), and should be easily cleanable by faculty and staff for health and safety based on campus sanitization guidelines.

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