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Problem: Regardless if the campus is open or virtual in the fall, plans must be considered for a hybrid community knowing not all students, faculty and staff can and will return to campus, if allowed. The question was raised how might we develop ways to build community and connection amongst students in their co-curricular/extracurricular lives (e.g., leadership development, health & wellbeing, community engagement, new student welcome, etc) given several, potential fall semester scenarios?

Idea: Anecdotally, students are sharing they are building bonds they might not otherwise with other Davidson students in their local areas during this time of virtual learning. The Office of Alumni and Family Engagement is creating opportunities for incoming students and their families to gather and be welcomed into the Davidson community virtual by region this summer. (Typically this office hosts in-person Summer Send Offs in select cities.) Depending on the success of the programs with the first-year students, consider organizing intentional opportunities for communication and gathering for all students regionally moving forward.

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