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Problem: Regardless if the campus is open or virtual in the fall, plans must be considered for a hybrid community knowing not all students, faculty and staff can and will return to campus, if allowed. The question was raised how might we develop ways to build community and connection amongst students in their co-curricular/extracurricular lives (e.g., leadership development, health & wellbeing, community engagement, new student welcome, etc) given several, potential fall semester scenarios?

Idea: Numerous support systems and resources are in place for incoming students, as well as seniors. Sophomores and juniors are often the lost classes and therefore would benefit from intentional partnerships with one another, as well as collaboration within Student Life and organizations across campus to help facilitate the partnerships to support students of all identities. Unique dynamics at play this year include the fact that without study abroad programs taking place more juniors will be on campus (virtual or not). How does that affect social groups as many form bonds while they are in their study abroad programs? And, with more juniors on campus how does that affect the leadership and other roles sophomores might usually have the opportunity to have/use? Partnering sophomores and juniors can only enhance relationships and help deepen their connection to one another and Davidson. There is one note of concern that not all students might be equipped to be a support system for another and therefor intention would need to be given to how these pairs were established and supported.

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