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Partially Synchronous and Fully Synchronous Events Selected

Describe the idea or prototype you are proposing. What problem is it solving? :

Problem: While operating virtually, students may be hard-pressed to engage in live and semi-live events, as they once did on campus. The college must develop new methods of maintaining a sense of community without physical gatherings.

Idea: By using various synchronous and semi-synchronous virtual platforms, we can offer working remedies to this issue. Below are two possible events/event series that could utilize such virtual gathering spaces.

Engaging the community through virtual tabletop game nights, using platforms already tested and adopted by Davidson's Casual and Competitive Gaming Club. This event series would offer a fully synchronous opportunity for students to engage with each other as they would on campus, using Steam and other resources.

Hosting a virtual, interactive International Festival, in which students could roam around virtual rooms, engaging with live and pre-recorded content created by various international groups.

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