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Two comments/inquiries that must be addressed.

1. How do you ensure students do not engage in mass gatherings, particularly in off-campus locations? It is inherent that students are going to look for ways to party and gather in numbers irresponsible for the current situation we now face. What happens when an eating house, fraternity, student group, or group of students in general, decides to throw an off-campus party at a bar? How will behavior like this be extinguished?

2. 25% of the Davidson student population participates in varsity athletics. If a student-athlete, especially one that possesses an underlying/pre-existing health condition, does not want to participate out of fear of contracting the virus or spreading it to a family member, will their scholarship still be honored? What happens when an athlete tests positive? Is the season suspended? Does it proceed as normal? How do you ensure safety for student-athletes? At a minimum it seems athletes must be tested before AND after any athletic competition. Is this feasible given that about 500 members of our campus community participate in varsity athletics? How do you ensure safety for student-athletes participating in close contact sports? It is clear that mass gatherings are pretty much out of the picture until a vaccine or massive nationwide test-trace program is implemented (extremely unlikely).

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