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I was wondering if there would be any possibility of davidson investing in a new gym facility? The gym in Union (and even new dorm too) is incredibly small and the machines are very outdated, and there are also some essential machines that are normally found in a gym that aren't even supplied. Often times, many people who are using mats overcrowd the floors and make it difficult to use various machines due to a lack of floor space. On top of this, there are very few machines in general so when the gym is full of people you have to wait up to half an hour at times to use a machine. Not to mention, many of the machines do not function correctly or have one side of the unit (such as the seated bench press) that is not set evenly with the other, so it poses a risk of injury to students using the machine. If there was demonstrated interest amongst students, as well as funds available for use, would the college be willing to think about the proposal? I really believe having an updated and up to par space available to all of the student body, and not just student athletes, would be greatly helpful to the student body in promoting positive mental health amongst various other benefits—especially in Winter months where there is not much to do on this campus.

Does your idea have funding? (this will not influence decisions to support/not support the idea) No

What might prevent this idea from working?

The issues described above with the current available gyms.

How might this idea solve it?

Eliminate those issues by providing a new, cleaner, updated, and more spacious workout facility.

Who would benefit from this idea? Who are your stakeholders?

-ALL students (instead of just student athletes)

How does this idea achieve your goals for a great senior experience?

-The college not being willing to provide funding.



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