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Problem: Even before the events of COVID, students expressed concern that individual faculty post and organize course materials in different places, adding to search and retrieval difficulties for students. Student feedback on remote learning during Spring 2020 suggests that a key challenge for students was the fragmented and inconsistent way in which course information was made available online, with some students experiencing some courses being administered through Moodle, while other courses were administered through DropBox, Google Docs, independent web pages, email, or other platforms.

Idea: While faculty can and should continue to use best of breed tools for their courses, we propose that a minimum set of information should always be available for every course in Moodle. In consultation with faculty and digital learning staff, we would develop this minimum information set, potentially including the syllabus, class schedule, primary means of communication, major assignments and due dates, and links to assignment materials (wherever those actually are posted, e.g., Google, Dropbox, WordPress, etc.).

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