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Problem: The Digital Learning Institute (DLI) will provide an opportunity for faculty to focus on digital teaching techniques and pedagogies. It is assumed that faculty will consider course structure and design both before and after the DLI experience, but there is currently no formal peer-to-peer model in place to provide ongoing mentoring and guidance. Faculty have also expressed discipline specific needs and challenges, particularly around the design of remote labs and studio-arts experiences.

Idea: We recommend the creation of faculty learning communities as an extension of the Digital Learning Institute (DLI). These learning communities would be organized by areas of shared interests and/or discipline-specific focus. Each community would connect regularly, and utilize a recommended framework to facilitate sharing of resources, provide feedback around ideas, and address topics pertinent to each community of practice (i.e. syllabus and assignment design, student engagement, technology implementation, etc). This concept could serve as the basis for a more systematic sharing of pedagogical design even after the immediate COVID-19 era.

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