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FCRS(Faculty Classification and Review System) trending idea

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Based on my undergraduate study til now, I found that the education quality is not directly related to how good a college overall is, but it's directly related to faculty and students themselves. They determined the education experience. The schools around the world always want to classify and select the suitable students to admit. However, different professor also has different teaching style. A 'correct' professor will save your class experience. Some professors are fast paced and not organized, which would be horrible for students who prefer an organized class. Such problem could worse students' class experiences. From my class experience, I also found students will stuck into some course if the professor's teaching style is not appropriate for them. I firmly believe choosing an appropriate professor will enhance students' Davidson experience. The Faculty Classification and Review System is an initiative who help students to choose the 'correct' professor so that students will get a better class experience.

FCRS will help students when they are registering courses. Every faculty member will be noted by FCRS about their teaching style in WebTree or Davidson's official website. According to Resilient Educator website, the teaching style is divided into five types: Authority, Demonstrator, Facilitator, Delegator, and Hybrid. For specific explanation of each type, please click this link: . To make the type presented with each professor more objective, the teaching style will be evaluated by both faculty and students. Faculty will first go through a self-review survey about their teaching style, while students who had the faculty's class in the past will be able to submit the evaluation poll for the professor's teaching style at anytime. After the registrar received the evaluation, registrar should choose and present the most mentioned two types about the faculty on WebTree or Davidson's official website. Therefore, students can easily choose the most appropriate professor to have class by the types.

Besides, another important function of FCRS is to evaluate professor during the course period. This will help Davidson to improve students' class experiences as soon as possible based on the students' feedbacks. Many students have tried to talk with faculty about their suggestions for the class experience, but it is usually not so effective. In FCRS, all Davidson students will be able to submit your feedbacks of any course you are taking for that semester. All feedbacks are anonymous. Registrar should inform faculty to adjust and fix the problem based on students' feedbacks. All faculty are required to resolve the problems in a week. The registrar will track each course problem to monitor the feedback. If the problems are not solved in a week, the registrar should immediately inform the chair of the department and the college senior administration. This process would enhance not only the students' class experiences, but also enhance faculty's lecturing ability in their later academic career.


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