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Problem: Given contingencies associated with COVID-19, we do not know how fall semester will play out. This precludes committing to any single "delivery method" for teaching in fall 2020 and beyond. Synchronous, asynchronous, and hybrid approaches each have their pros and cons and may be suitable for some courses, instructors, and students, but not others. This suggests that, rather than a mandate or a decision, Davidson instructors and students would benefit most from clear definitions and guidelines for each method, including scenarios in which one method may be more successful than another. Further, students especially will benefit from knowing the anticipated delivery method in advance (e.g., annotated in the course schedule), prior to starting the class.

Idea: Develop guidelines for delivering synchronous, asynchronous, and hybrid courses that consider issues of effective course design, accessibility, and equity. Recommend that the guidelines be reviewed by the EPC and/or VPAA's office, if necessary, for possible policy consideration. To address student concerns, we will make recommendations for providing students with options to maximize their flexibility in class choice based on course delivery method, potentially including expanded or more flexible add-drop policies.

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