Davidson WildDogs

Many Davidson students are stressed out and missing their beloved pups from home. By and large Davidson students are not allowed to have dogs on campus and therefore flock to any dog wandering through campus. At the same time, many students at Davidson struggle with anxiety, depression, and other mental health concerns and animals have been shown to be effective in addressing these needs! While the hearts of Davidson students have a large dog-shaped hole in them, many sweet dogs are without a home and in need of adoption. For many dogs, the fine line between having a sweet forever home and being put down is the amount of space at shelters that are already full of dogs in need of adoption, or just a need for more human socialization to be a better candidate for adoption. Dogs in need of homes and dog-loving Davidson students are the perfect pairing. Davidson could serve as a foster family for dogs while they are socialized. Students could help in the care, feeding, walking, and socializing of dogs, as well as play a key role in helping to find a forever home for these dogs. I know logistics of this could be complicated, but all it would take is one stable place for the dog to live and a team of dedicated and trained Davidson students to care for a dog.


Idea No. 29