Create capacity to focus on Davidson's teaching strengths

A core strength of the Davidson experience is close, in-person interaction among students and faculty. How can we create more opportunities for these types of interactions? One way is to find other ways to provide students with introductory knowledge or skills, thereby freeing faculty time for more in-person interaction in higher-level courses. One such approach is to create larger classes on the introductory level; PSY already employs this approach. Another approach is to make greater use of online resources to convey and teach introductory information. Our faculty already use textbooks written by subject-matter experts from across the world; many online courses and materials can act as interactive textbooks, providing more detailed feedback on student effort and knowledge gain. While far from perfect, these online materials can help faculty teach larger numbers of students in introductory courses, which again can in turn create more opportunities for smaller courses at higher levels and more in-person interaction between faculty and student.


Idea No. 15