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Campus Delivery Services In Reserve

Campus delivery positions

My idea stems from being able to have Davis Cafe orders delivered on campus to tables/dorms/study spaces for a small fee. I would imagine it to be very popular, especially to disabled students, should it be on an easily accessible platform and be able to be charged to CatCard balances. This would be a good integration into the online ordering at Davis Cafe. A routing platform could be utilized or it could be as simple as delivering on an order-by-order basis. My furthest thought out integration would be having one or two individuals to personally deliver food orders. Perhaps purchasing bikes for this position would increase efficiency. Given our campus size, this could easily be a one-person job, however there are many other ways to further this idea. Other dining options such as Commons, Wildcat Den, or Summit could benefit as well. Also possibilities to provide delivery services to departments or the post office, on a request basis. Long term ideas may include delivery of off-campus products, which might address concerns of drunk driving on Friday/Saturday nights.

Does your idea have funding? (this will not influence decisions to support/not support the idea) No

What might prevent this idea from working?

This would address 2 immediate problems in my Davidson life:
As a student: Not having the time / flexibility to make it to the Union or Commons for meals.
As a summer departmental assistant: saves time when non-urgent delivery tasks are required

How might this idea solve it?

Would directly provide convenient delivery solutions along with added customer service.

Who would benefit from this idea? Who are your stakeholders?

The student body, especially the disabled ; Those concerned with the sales of campus food services. Stakeholders would be the departments deciding to implement delivery services. Should the college create a department concerned solely with campus delivery, the college would be a direct stakeholder, should the department not be able to be self-sustaining.

How does this idea achieve your goals for a great senior experience?

In my mind, startup is the greatest barrier. Past this, I believe there would be logistical issues such as dealing with inaccurate orders and customers being able to check the status of their order.

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