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Allow Fraternities to Disassociate from their National Orgs

Davidson should offer fraternities the option to disassociate from their national organizations and convert to a role as a Davidson social group while maintaining their spot on Patterson Court, assuming a role similar to eating houses. With this option, Davidson would gain better control over these organizations while allowing the organizations to functionally continue after disassociating from national organizations, whose partnerships may be more costly than helpful. This way, fraternities have the option to functionally continue without the expenses of partnering with a national organization if the relationship is seen as more burdensome than beneficial.

Does your idea have funding? (this will not influence decisions to support/not support the idea) No

What might prevent this idea from working?

Partnerships with national organizations present a lot of additional and seemingly unnecessary expenses. Based purely on anecdotal research, it seems that a legitimate portion of fraternity members participate purely because of the social function served rather than an interest in any single national organization.

How might this idea solve it?

If given the option but not mandated, each organization could independently assess the value of their national partnership and act on their assessment without major functional repercussions.

Who would benefit from this idea? Who are your stakeholders?

Members of fraternities would benefit as they would have the opportunity to re-assess the pros and cons of their national partnership and act on their findings without major social repercussions. Davidson could also potentially benefit as they would have further control over these organizations.

How does this idea achieve your goals for a great senior experience?

There is potential for national organizations to protest disassociation, especially if the Davidson chapter has a long history. Davidson may also not want the liability associated with assuming responsibility for these groups, although it certainly seems more control would be beneficial.



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