COVID-19 Ideas

COVID-19 Ideas

Scenarios for a Remote or Hybrid Fall Semester

Given the state of uncertainty created by the COVID-19 pandemic, how might Davidson respond if the current conditions continue into the Fall?

In conditions of extreme uncertainty, the best way forward is to generate a lot of ideas and test them quickly. Seven teams are exploring scenarios for a remote or hybrid semester, focusing on topics that cover the academic calendar, unique learning experiences, community engagement, and faculty and student support. Davidson wants to engage the broader college community in civic imagination in order to design what is desirable. Members of the campus community are invited to provide feedback on the ideas that emerge from the design teams – critique them, build on them, or suggest alternatives.

Campaign Brief

The driving goals for this Fall are clear: Our scenario should maximize the time spent in a residential liberal-arts experience, in accordance with our strengths and mission. Our scenario designs embody these values:

Access & Equity: We value an experience that is accessible and equitable to students during challenging economic circumstances.

Community & Connection: We value the deep community and connection that a residential liberal-arts experience affords, and will foster these wherever possible.

Continuity: We value the continuity that ensures students from all years can keep pace with their academic goals.

Flexibility: We value the ability to deliver high quality educational experiences in any modality (in person; online; hybrid), creating the ability to bring students to campus or send them home w/ minimal disruption at multiple points in the Fall.

Quality: We value rigor, deep learning, and meaningful feedback regardless of modality.

Intentionality and Transparency: We value communication that assures the college community of the intent to achieve our driving goal and explains emerging decisions supported by public health experts in a timely manner. Where possible and responsible, we will share information related to this process with the community.

Feasibility: We value a process that works within our constraints while acknowledging possibilities beyond the status quo.