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Welcome to wildcatIDEAS!

wildcatIDEAS is Davidson’s platform to test and evaluate new ideas to make sure we are investing resources wisely, taking advantage of new opportunities, and inviting diverse perspectives and subject matter expertise to guide our innovations.

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Current Focus Areas

We are looking for ideas that advance Davidson's mission and continued excellence in the context of a changing world, focused on 4 areas: Enhancing the Student Experience; Future of the Liberal Arts; Program & Process Improvements; and New Revenue


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We are currently testing our process before soliciting ideas from the full Davidson community. Please follow the progress as we vet ideas contributed by our pilot team!


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Active voting and commenting helps us understand what most interests our community for innovation and change. Check out the ideas and add your comments!

Current Challenge


We are looking for ideas that advance our mission and continue Davidson’s excellence in the context of a changing world. There are four focus areas for Year 1, while Davidson pilots the framework, hones the evaluating process, and increases community involvement and awareness. In subsequent years, focus areas may reflect a new set of challenges and/or opportunities. They are: Enhancing the Student Experience, Program & Process Improvements, Future of the Liberal Arts, and New Revenue.

Featured Ideas

Online ordering in the Union Cafe


At the Union Cafe, the lines to order cooked food are often very long. In addition, customers must submit their order...

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JEC Semester Within


Groups of up to 4 faculty can propose to take a cohort of 30 students to a location within the United States for a se...

Net Votes: 0 Number of Comments: 2

Collaborative Flip: Developing s...


I must start out by crediting Barbara Lom for a discussion that led to this idea. This idea comes from the convergen...

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Data Lab


Data Lab We are living in the age of data: big data, data mining, data analytics; data interpretation, data collecti...

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